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What are cookies?

Cookies are text files that are intended to store information. When you visit our website the cookies are stored on your computer, and help in the good operation of the website, in the security and in your own browsing experience.

How are cookies used?

First-party cookies serve the good operation of the website and do not collect any personal data.

Third party cookies are used to monitor the interaction of the website and the online store with the Customer-User. They play a role in the security of the services provided, activate advertisements and contribute to the improvement of the user experience and to the personalization of functions in case of return to the website and the online store.

What types of cookies do we use?

Basics: Some cookies are essential for the full functionality of our website, maintaining user sessions, and preventing security threats. They do not collect or store personal information.

Statistics: These cookies store information such as the number of visitors to the website, unique visitors, visited subpages, and referral sources. This data helps us understand and analyze how well the site meets visitor preferences and identifies areas for improvement.

Marketing: Our website may display personalized ads using these cookies to ensure relevance. They also help us track the effectiveness of our advertising campaigns.

The data stored in these cookies may also be used by third-party ad providers to display ads on other websites based on your browser activity.

Functional: These cookies support non-basic functions on our website, such as embedding videos or sharing content on social media platforms.

Preferences: These cookies store settings and browsing preferences, like language preferences, to enhance your future visits to our website.

How to set cookie preferences:

If you wish to adjust your preferences later during your browsing session, you can access the “Cookies Policy” in the footer of the website or online store. This will prompt the consent notice, allowing you to modify your preferences or withdraw consent entirely.

Additionally, different browsers offer various methods for blocking and deleting cookies. You can adjust your browser settings to block or delete cookies. For more information on managing and deleting cookies, visit Wikipedia article on cookies or All about Cookies Organization.

Cookies are small files containing information that a website’s server stores on a user’s computer. Each time the user revisits the website, the server retrieves this information, providing the user with relevant services and content. This includes the user’s preferences expressed through selections on the website (e.g., button clicks, searches, ads).

Cookie installation is permitted only with user consent and proper disclosure.

Why We Use Cookies?

We use cookies to enhance your browsing experience and collect information to adapt to our visitors’ needs.

Related Cookies

While browsing our website and online store, third-party cookies may be stored on your computer for various purposes, including:

  • Statistical analysis of website traffic and browsing (analytics)
  • Social media services and internet marketing (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)
  • Corporate promotion via video playback (e.g., YouTube, Vimeo)
  • Map services (e.g., Google Maps, Foursquare)
  • Information management systems (e.g., PDF, Excel)
  • Contact and task management systems.

Disable Cookies

All cookies on our website are not essential for its operation. You have the option to disable cookies through your browser settings. For detailed instructions on disabling cookies, please refer to the official website of your browser. Additionally, you can adjust cookie settings at the bottom of the page.

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